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Daily Archives: February 10, 2017

Kim K Waist Trainer & 5 Tips To Get That Hourglass Shape

Get That Kim K Waist! Right after publishing my 1st blog ever (last week), I had several requests to write how to get that Kim K waist. As a curvy girl myself, I can give you guys tips on how to achieve that look through exercising, clothing, make up and surgery. I will also fill you in on what products she uses to get that signature Kim K waist. Let’s get right ahead loves. What Does Kim K Use? Waist Trainer  Kim Kardashian uses Premadonna waist trainers. She trains in them but also wears them daily, even at work. Spanx and Tape Kim K uses tape to pull her cleavage together, and spanx to keep everything sucked in. Surgeon Kim K’s favourite surgeon Simon Ourian, has been the mastermind behind her chiseled look. He is also known to have worked with JLO, Kylie Jenner, Daphne Joy and the list goes on… It is also worth noting that Kylie (Kim’s sister) attributes her curves to this cream called ‘Pure Leef’, it is said to accentuate and maintain your curves (I have not tried it; you can have a look at reviews within their website). My Tips…

I am Annabella, I am 27, I live in London and I love lingerie, fitness, and beauty. I am your boob expert.’

Harley Street Surgeons: 3 Doctors I Met & My Review

  Harley Street Surgeons Hello my loves, today I would like to share with you my experience in meeting 3 Harley street surgeons. If you are considering going under the knife wether for your first or second breast augmentation or any other surgery, carry on reading, I promise, this will save you time and of course… Money! My Consultation, Rates, Review And More! 1.Doctor Yannis Alexandrides -Address:111 Harley Street, London, W1G 6AW, UK -Website: Doctor Alexandrides was very pleasant, and straight understood the look I was going for. He explained me the difficulties on placing such a large implant into such a petite lady as myself. And that it attributed to a higher surgery cost. As a result, the maximum he could fit would be 525 Cc’s from what I recall. I believe his consultation fee was £100 redeemable after surgery. The procedure costed £7,500 with Natrelle implants, and £7,700 with polyurethane implants. He is in Harley street for over 15 years. I was very satisfied with the consultation. 2.Doctor Roy Ng -Address: 70 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HF, UK-Website: Doctor Roy, was professional. He explained to…

I am Annabella, I am 27, I live in London and I love lingerie, fitness, and beauty. I am your boob expert.’