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K Cup bras: 3 popular brands

The Difference Between Bras For ‘Busty Natural’ And ‘Busty Implants’ After finding out that Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, Bordelle,Victoria Secrets and La Perla did not carry my cup size (32F-G) I decided to take the stores by storm and hunt for bras (online and offline)! I went to Oxford Circus and wondered around John Lewis, Debenhams and Selfridges, and I browsed online at,, This is not the complete list, which is ultra long. DM me for the full list and review. K cup Bras There are brands that specialise in bras with DD+ cups, and the most popular ones in the UK are: Freya, Panache, Curvy Kate, and also some in These brands are known to target primarily plus size ladies or ladies with naturally large breast. Since implants sit still in the cup, whilst the natural breast adapts to the shape of the cup, this makes a difference in the amount of coverage and support required for natural breast vs implants, and therefore on the composition of the bra.   In conclusion As a result, I ended up having to buy a smaller bra. All bras…

I am Annabella, I am 27, I live in London and I love lingerie, fitness, and beauty. I am your boob expert.’

DD+ Bras: 5 Lingerie Brands

Shopping DD+ Bras After Your Boob Job If like me you went for your boob job and ended up with a DD+ bras, welcome to the big boobs club! I did find the DD+ selection to be rather limited. So I decided to hit the gram’ and talked to over 100 Instagram girls (list below). Seems like most of all shared my experience. and found out where they shop, what they like and what has been their experience, so I can share this with you guys together with my own journey! My Favourite Brands For DD+ Bras I am petite (5’1), and I weight about 48 kg, because of my small proportions I opted for 410 cc, ultra high profile. As a result, I ended up with an F-G cup (depending on the brand). Seems like the selection is either limited or non existant for F-G cups. I could not find bras in any of my desired choices: Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, Bordelle, La Perla or even Victoria Secret’s. Let alone any padded or push up bras. A bummer because I was looking forward to wear bras I couldn’t wear before…

I am Annabella, I am 27, I live in London and I love lingerie, fitness, and beauty. I am your boob expert.’