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Taking Care Of Yourself & Live In Confidence

To be your own woman/man, and live in peace, all you have to do is to take care of yourself. Ask yourself how do you feel and what do you want on a daily basis. This will enable you to feel safe, and secure, but most of all in touch with every living being, first and foremost yourself. Taking care of yourself can include: 1.Talk or write to yourself ask yourself how are you feeling and what do you want and be honest, this means parent yourself with love. If you are in between tasks try to breath deeply to slow down hormones, use movements such as walking to free your mind. 2. Exercise and eat enough find ways to connect with your body, show your body how much you love it. Give it the food it needs to function and live well. The first thing to consider getting is a good health insurance, don’t wait until you are of age it only gets more costly! 3. Respect money how you manage your money is how you manage your life, and what gets measured gets managed, the app Money Control is my favourite for that. Save 10…

I am Annabella, I am 27, I live in London and I love lingerie, fitness, and beauty. I am your boob expert.’